The Beginning

 Love, is how Frisky Restaurant & Brewing Company started. 

 Love...  Created a hobby ..... Created a dream...... Lee an Lisa loved spending time with each other . 

Creating a hobby  with each other . First Beer entered in a contest won 1st place . They decided to have fun together making Beer . Lee started his journey enrolled at SIEBEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLGY  Chicago, Illinois . Apprenticeship Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey San Marcos CA.  Lee and Lisa continued home brewing winning many metals. Lee an Lisa love creating  awesome beer. Haymarket Pub & Brewing Chicago IL. represent Lee Friske on I'm Frisky American I.P.A. Lee Friske & Lisa Friske brewed with Pete Crowley an his brewing team in Chicago.  The beer was sold at Haymarket Pub & Brewing and entered at Great American Beer Festival 2013. I'm Frisky American I.P.A. did have high sales at Haymarket Pub an Brewing . Lee an Lisa was very proud That I'm Frisky American did so well . Sadly they not win at the Great American Beer Festival and it didn't matter at all it was the best experience an the encouragement an respect Lee Friske felt confidence and he knew he has a future in Brewing.

  Lee an Lisa bought land in OdessaTx. 

Hired Architects an construction companies to help create Frisky Restaurant & Brewing. took about 2 years to built .

 Established 2017 opened August 10. 2018

 Lee an Lee Friske wanted to open a Brewery . Odessa, says they have to sell food have to include food. So Lee an Lisa embraced the idea to make Beer and Food .  Lisa went to local college Odessa College culinary classes. Chef Terry Gouly was Lisa's teacher an mentor in cooking , catering , Ice sculpture . Lisa also went to Cookshack BBQ smokers cooking school to learn how to cut an cook meats. Lee bought books for Lisa to study Restaurants an Bars an How to manage them. Lee bought many cooking books for Lisa to help learn about food. Together Lee an Lisa worked very hard day an night working an worrying about how to make Frisky work..

 Lee an Lisa did not have any experience in the Restaurant business ..  Their love for making Beer pushed them to create a restaurant to go with the Brewery .  Lee an Lisa created one of the Best designs of a culinary feel kitchen in Odessa Texas.  Lee an Lisa works everyday to improve Frisky Company . Creating an working has been hard.

 Lee and Lisa is giving all they have for their dream . . Thank you Dear Lord , Thank you Odessa & Midland an the state of Texas . Thank you for your support an continue support.     

Odessa American : Follow the link below to read a story about our  groundbreaking published by the Odessa American